County of London Fixtures 1998

Day Date Event Location Comment
Friday 13th March Drinks & Meal in West End Victoria from 6.30p.m.
Saturday 21st March County Practice Day Bisley 300 & 1000 = dinner
Sunday 19th April County Jewels Bisley p.m. only – Book with Roger
Sunday 19th April vs Surrey, Yorkshire, Lloyds Bank & British Universities Bisley Empire match – top 8 from 10
Saturday 25th April London B vs Middlesex, Herts & Suffolk Bisley
Sunday 26th April Purples Bisley a.m. only
Saturday 9th May KGV Team Practice Bisley Team only @ 300 yards – p.m.
Sunday 10th May KGV Qualifier Bisley
Weekend 13th & 14th June Intercounties & Clive Amstein Memorial Bisley Several teams to be entered
Tuesday 21st July County Short & County Long Bisley
Friday 25th September Combined London & Middlesex Team vs Lancaster Bisley 2p.m. start
Weekend 26th & 27th September Vice Chairman’s Cup vs Middlesex Bisley L.M.R.A. Open Championship

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