County of London Fixtures 2002

County of London Team 2002, placed 3rd in the Intercounties Short Range Match

County of London Fixtures 2002
Day Date Event Location Comment
Friday 8th March Social Evening / Dinner London Venue T.B.A.
Sunday 7th April County Practice Bisley p.m. – 600x
Sunday 21st April vs Surrey, BUSA, Army & Yorkshire Bisley all day, 07:45am @ LMRA – team of 12
Saturday 27th April vs Middlesex, Herts & Suffolk Bisley all day, 07:45am @ LMRA – team of 12
Sunday 28th April Purples Bisley a.m.
Sunday 28th April Golf Match t.b.a. Cancelled
Saturday 11th May KGV Team vs Exiles Bisley Cancelled
Sunday 12th May KGV Southern Counties Heat Bisley a.m. (07:40am @ LMRA)
Weekend 8th & 9th June Intercounties Bisley Sat all day, Sun a.m.
Weekend 8th & 9th June Clive Amstein Memorial Bisley Did not enter
Monday 8th July County of London A.G.M. Bisley 6:30p.m. – LMRA
Tuesday 9th July County Short & County Long Bisley p.m.
Friday 27th September vs Lancaster Bisley p.m.
Saturday 28th September County Jewels Bisley concurrent with L.M.R.A. Presidents
Sunday 29th September Vice Chairman’s Cup vs Middlesex Bisley concurrent with L.M.R.A. Warren
Sunday 29th September County Championship Medals Bisley concurrent with L.M.R.A. Malcolm Grand Agg.

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