County Short Range 2002

County Short Range 2002
Firer Coach Range Total
300x 500x 600x
Nick Brasier BC 74.11 74.11
Nick Mace MC 74.10 74.10
Rupert Elvins BC 74.9 74.9
Dave Armstrong BC 73.12 73.12
Adam Jory BC 73.11 73.11
Lucy Mace MC 73.9 73.9
Michael Walton MC 72.7 72.7
Peter Barry MC 72.5 72.5
Totals 585.74 585.74

NOTE: Due to inclement weather, the Counties Short Range was a single range shoot 2+15 @ 500x

Guy van Koetsveld
Brian Cudby
Matt Charlton

Result: 2nd

1 point behind Hertfordshire



Short Range Team Scores
Position Team Score
1st Herfordshire 586.63
2nd London 585.74
3rd Hampshire 585.59
4th Lancaster 583.65
5th Kent 583.60

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