County Long Range 2005


The County of London County Long Range Team and Match Scores 2005

The County Long Range Cup

County Long Range 2005
Firer Coach Range Total
900x 1000x
Michael Walton MC 49.5 49.5 98.10
Alex Woodward MC 50.7 48.3 98.10
Adam Jory MC 49.3 49.4 98.7
Tim Green MC 48.3 47.3 95.6
Rupert Elvins MC 47.4 47.4 94.8
Dave Armstrong MC 47.0 45.2 92.2
Totals 290.22 285.21 575.43
Matt Charlton
Brian Cudby
Guy van Koetsveld
James Dallas
Register Keeper
Alex Gill

Result: 1st


Long Range Team Scores
Position Team Score
1st London 575.43
2nd Surrey 566.41
3rd Sussex 562.38

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