Grist Cup 2005

The Grist Cup is one of the premier trophies for County competition in England. It is awarded by the English XX Club to the County with the highest aggregate in the three county competitions shot at the Imperial Meeting, namely the County Short Range, County Long Range and the final of the King George V Cup.

The Grist Cup 2005

Position Team King George V County SR County LR Totals
1st Surrey 1172.139 775.88 566.41 2513.268
2nd London 1155.104 767.76 575.43 2497.223
3rd Somerset 1157.123 768.72 558.47 2483.242
4th Hertfordshire 1152.118 758.80 555.37 2465.235
5th Nottinghamshire 1147.101 739.48 541.32 2427.181
6th Yorkshire 1151.115 748.63 526.26 2425.204

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