Captains Report 2013

Final scores for the season can all be found on the LondonCounty website at Individual scores for all the competitions should also be on the website.

To summarise, we had a good year overall with some great results. The County short range result of 2nd with a score of 795 was a particular highlight for me, and we were unlucky to get pipped to 1st place by Norfolk. In addition, the KGV teams 3rd place in the final for the second year running is also very good work. There is still room for improvement next year though, so plenty more to push for.

We were down on numbers for a couple of matches this year, not being able to field two teams for the Purples or the intercounties. If you do know of any good shots who are eligible for London, and aren’t currently shooting with us, please point them in my direction. I am doing what I can to link up with university leavers who are moving to London to work.

Individual achievements have been similarly good this year with the following notable results in the Imperial:

Queens top 50:

Ed Jeens (2nd)

Chris Haley (10th)

Richard Jeens (12th)

David Armstrong (13th)

(With another 4 London members in the final)

Grand top 50:

Ed Jeens (6th)

Chris Haley (19th)

Richard Jeens (20th)

David Armstrong (29th)

Congratulations also to Ed Jeens for winning the Lovell

In addition, congratulations to Dominic for winning the Presidents competition on his tour to Canada in August, and also being part of the winning Commonwealth and Canada match teams, with Richard Jeens as adjutant.

Please excuse any omissions from the above.


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