County of London Fixtures 2014

Please confirm your availability to the Captain by phone, mail or email, giving match, date and start time, for each match.

County of London Fixtures 2014
Day Date Event Result Score Location Comment
Sunday 23rMarch Training N/A  N/A Bisley 900/1000x
Sunday 6th April London vs Surrey 2nd 477.46 Bisley p.m. (3,600x)
Saturday 26th April Mini Palma N/A N/A Bisley Not competed
Sunday 27th April Purples 1st 1172.132 Bisley Queens II (3,5,600x)
Saturday 10th May Individual Championship & English XX County Jewels N/A N/A Bisley p.m. Knockout (3,5,600x) – concurrent Championship open to all, Jewels open to English XX members
Sunday 11th May King George V Challenge Cup Southern Counties Heat 3rd 1144.112 Bisley a.m. Queens II (3,5,600x)
Saturday 14th June R Jarvis N/A N/A Bisley Sat a.m. (300x)
Saturday 14th June Lt.Col H. Jones Trophy 6th 1161.125 Bisley Sat a.m./p.m. (3,5,600x)
Sunday 15th June NRA Long Range Match 11th 1156.111 Bisley Sun a.m. (9,1000x)
Saturday/Sunday 14-15th June Intercounties Aggregate 7th 2317.236 Bisley
Saturday/Sunday 14-15th June Clive Amstein 3rd 1141.100 Bisley Sat p.m. (9,1000x) & Sun a.m. (5,600x
Monday 14th July County of London A.G.M. N/A N/A Bisley 6:30p.m. – LMRA
Tuesday 15th July Counties Short Range (Senior) 5th 790.113 Bisley p.m. Queens II (3,600x)
Tuesday 15th July Counties Long Range 3rd 585.74 Bisley p.m. (9,1000x)
Tuesday 15th July Victor Ludorum 3rd 1375.187 Bisley

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