Captains Report 2014

This year was characterised by some truly brilliant individual performances which I’ll highlight below, but ones which didn’t necessarily translate into solid team performances. Winning the Purples was the highlight of the season for me, and a good result, even without Surrey competing in the match. However, some lacklustre performances in parts of both the Intercounties and the Counties matches saw us finish lower than I think we are capable of as a team. I think one way to improve this would be to shoot more as a team during the season, and I’d encourage those of you who can to come along to the friendly matches with Surrey and Herts. At this years match with Surrey they were able to field about three times our number, and I’d like to close that gap.

There are still significant struggles with numbers for some matches, and it’s obvious we are not the only county suffering from this as the cancellation of the mini-palma match, and only eight entries to the Purples match will testify. I intend to reach out again to the University of London to try and tempt some of their ex-members to come and shoot with the county, and also contact the NRA and find out if there are other London based fullbore shooters who we are not currently aware of.

Final scores for the season can all be found on the London County website at Individual scores for all the competitions should also be on the website.

Onto those Individual achievements!

Queens top 50:

Richard Jeens (1st) – Congratulations Richard!

David Armstrong (12th)

Ed Jeens (23rd)

Chris Haley (29th)

Dominic de Vere (42nd)

Grand top 50:

David Armstrong (8th)

Ed Jeens (14th)

Richard Jeens (17th)

Chris Haley (20th)

Sandy Walker (35th)

Dan Blake (42nd)

Congratulations also to  David Armstrong for winning the Corporation (and keeping it in London hands!) and the Prince of Wales.

Matt, Dom and David also had success in their tour to the USA and Canada, winning the Commonwealth and Canada matches.

Please excuse any omissions from the above.


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