County of London AGM 2015

Minutes of the County of London Fullbore Rifle Club AGM held in the LMRA clubhouse on Monday 13th July 2015 commencing at 18:30

1. Members present

Isao Matsumoto, Richard Hebblethwaite, Nick Brasier, Tom Liang-Baker, Dominic de Vere, Paul Cameron-Taylor, Robert Welford, Alastair Brown, Richard Jeens, Keith Painter, Morgan Lee, Joel Lim, Matthew Charlton, Chris Haley, Michael Shaw


2. Apologies for absence

Guy van Koetsfeld, John Saunders, James Dallas, Dan Blake, Brian Cudby


3. Presentation and agreement of the minutes for the previous AGM

The minutes were distributed and agreed as a true record


4. Matters arising

Nick Brasier stated that the English Twenty yearbook addresses would be online soon.


5. Captains report

Ben Stevens summarised the year as having had a lack of matches as a team, with the normal friendly matches against Hampshire and Surrey cancelled due to lack of attendance on one side or the other, and the mini-palma and purples matches having been cancelled due to lack of team entries. This meant that the team did not get a proper practice other than in the ‘big’ matches (KGV, Intercounties etc.) and a lack of good team drills was evident.
This is now the second year in which the number of matches shot by the county has declined, and suggestions were sought as to other matches that could replace those no longer in the calendar.
Keith Painter suggested that a match against the University of London could be a possibility. Matthew Charlton further suggested that we could invite the purples to shoot. Both of these suggestions should be looked at by the incoming captain.
To close, Ben thanked all for attending, especially the new members of the county squad from the university of London and other locations. It was noted that it was good to see new faces around the table.


6. Election of Captain for 2016-18 seasons

Ben Stevens nominated Dominic de Vere to be the new captain for the county team. This was seconded by Chris Haley and Alastair Brown. The motion was passed unanimously
Dominic thanked the members present for his election

7. AOB

  1. Guy van Koetsfeld provided an update on the English XX
  2. Dominic de Vere asked if the headsets were working. Ben responded that they were.
  3. Chris Haley suggested that the county should have a social event sometime early in the season to get together outside of Bisley. A ULRC venue was suggested, and Richard Hebblethwaite thought January or February might be a good time. Dominic agreed to try and organise something
  4. Matthew Charlton stated that he had still not received money for the headsets purchased from him by the county. Ben Stevens agreed to chase Liz Barr for this.
  5. Rob Welford stated that the county should make more effort to put a competitive team forward for the Astor match. Alastair Brown said that we get a bye straight through to the final and the match is a good opportunity that we are not currently pursuing fully. Dominic de Vere said that this year, one additional point per man would have won us the competition.
  6. Dominic de Vere started a discussion on the early training weekend, and asked for a show of hands as to who would be interested. 12 people said that they would. Matt Charlton said that we should aim to make the training interesting and useful, and not just do the usual SCATT and range time.
  7. Ben Stevens stated that the counties teams would be posted on the notice board that evening
  8. Dominic de Vere requested that people post all their scores on the notice board for future reference


The meeting closed at 19:05
8. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on the 18th July 2016 in the LMRA

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