County of London Fixtures 2018

County of London Fixtures 2018

Day Date Event Result Score Comment
Saturday 24th March Training  N/A   N/A SCATT/300x
Saturday 14th April Purples  N/A   N/A a.m. Queens II (3,5,600x)
Saturday 14th April London vs. Herts  N/A   N/A p.m. Queens II (3,5,600x)
Sunday 22nd April London vs. ULU vs. Imperial College N/A N/A p.m. Queens II (3,5,600x)
Sunday 6th May King George V Challenge Cup Southern Counties Heat N/A N/A a.m. Queens II (3,5,600x)
Saturday 12th May  County Astor Heats (WCRC)  N/A   N/A  a.m. Queens I (3,5,600x)
Sunday 13th May Individual Championship & English XX County Jewels  N/A N/A p.m. Knockout (3,5,600x) – concurrent Championship open to all, Jewels open to English XX members
Sunday 3rd June London vs. Surrey Rifle Association N/A N/A Empire Match (3,6,9,1000x)
Saturday 16th June R. Jarvis (Individual)  N/A   N/A Sat a.m. (300x)
Saturday 16th June Lt.Col H. Jones Trophy  N/A  N/A Sat a.m./p.m. (3,5,600x)
Sunday 17th June NRA Long Range Match  N/A  N/A Sun a.m. (9,1000x)
Saturday/Sunday 16-17th June Intercounties Aggregate  N/A  N/A
Thursday 19th July King George V Challenge Cup Southern Counties Final  N/A  N/A Queens II (3,5,600x)
Monday 23th July County of London A.G.M. N/A N/A 6:30p.m. – LMRA
Tuesday 24th July County Short Range Senior  N/A  N/A p.m. Queens II (3,600x)
Tuesday 24th July County Long Range  N/A  N/A p.m. (9,1000x)
Tuesday 24th July Victor Ludorum  N/A  N/A


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