The County Long Range Championship 2019



Matthew Charlton

900x 1000x Total
Nick Braiser 49.07 49.06 98.13
Chris Haley 49.05 48.03 97.08
Sandy Gill 48.04 47.05 95.09
Ben Stevens 46.04 47.04 95.07
Sandy Walker 46.05 43.02 89.07
 Total 287.29 280.23 567.52

Full results

1st  Surrey   580.62v

2nd  Kent   574.56v

3rd Northants, Leics & Rutland    573.59v

10th London   567.52v

The County Championship Victor Ludorum

Full Results

1st  Surrey  1372.166v

2nd  Kent  1354.146v

3rd  Hampshire  1352.136v

5th  London  1347.144v



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