County of London Fixtures 2022

Saturday19th MarchTrainingN/AN/ASCATT/600x
Saturday9th AprilLondon vs. MiddlesexN/AN/A300x & 600x
Sunday24th AprilPurples TrophyN/AN/AQueens II (3,5,600x)
Saturday14th MayCounty Astor Heat (WCRC) N/AN/Aa.m. Queens I (3,5,600x)
Saturday14th MayIndividual Championship & English XX County Jewels & KnockoutN/AN/Ap.m. Queens I (3,5,600x)
Saturday28th MayKing George V Challenge Cup Southern Counties HeatN/AN/Aa.m. Queens II (3,5,600x)
Saturday11th JuneR. Jarvis (Individual)N/AN/Aa.m. Queens I (3,5,600x)
Saturday11th JuneLt. Col H Jones TrophyN/AN/AQueens II (3,5,600x)
Saturday11th JuneClive Amstein Trophy Long RangeN/AN/AQueens III (9,1000x)
Sunday12th JuneNRA Long Range MatchN/AN/AQueens III (9,1000x)
Sunday12th JuneClive Amstein Trophy Short RangeN/AN/AQueens II (3,5,600x)
Saturday /Sunday11 -12th JuneIntercounties AggregateN/AN/A 
Thursday14th JulyKing George V Challenge Cup Southern Counties FinalN/AN/Ap.m. Queens II (3,5,600x)
Friday15th JulyCounty Astor FinalN/AN/Aa.m. Queens I (3,5,600x)
Monday18th JulyCounty of London A.G.MN/AN/A6.30 p.m. – LMRA
Wednesday20th JulyCounty short Range SeniorN/AN/Ap.m. (5,600x)
Thursday21th JulyCounty Long RangeN/AN/Ap.m. (9,1000x)
Thursday21th JulyVictor LudorumN/AN/A N/A