County Badges

img_133625.jpg                                London County Blazer Badge50

County of London Full-Bore Rifle Team Badges are awarded to the Captain, Coaches and Firers in the four premier matches of the season. These matches are King George V Challenge Cup, Intercounties, County Short Range and the County Long Range.

Please follow the links below for list of County Badges awarded each season.

2021 New Caps: John Tuffen

2019 New Caps: Keith Painter, Ben Hebblewaite,

2018 New Caps: Jemima Hince, Rupert Fitzsimmons, James Shepherd

2017 New Caps: Mark Todd

2016 New Caps: Morgan Lee

2015 New Caps: Tom Laing Baker

2013 New Caps: Sandy Gill

2010 New Caps: Elizabeth Barr, Chris Haley, Rob Hyndman

2009 New Caps: Dan Richardson

2008 New Caps: Isao Matsumoto

2007 New Caps: Adam Brown, Ben Stevens, Sandy Walker

2006 New Caps: Dan Blake, Tom Hunter, Ed Jeens, Richard Jeens

2005 New Caps: Mike Eustace, John Halahan, Henry Jeens

2004 New Caps: Alexander Woodward

2003 New Caps: Paul Sykes

2002 New Caps: Nick Mace, Will Steward

2001 New Caps: David Armstrong, Matt James, Adam Jory

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