English XX Club


English XX website

The English XX Club has the objectives to foster rifle shooting and to organise the English Rifle Team in International Matches shot with Target or Service Rifles. To this aim the club also organises county level target shooting within England.

To facilitate the organisation of the Club, the country is divided into 39 Districts, of which the County of London is one. The County of London District has 50 members.

Qualification rules exist for Matches shot under the auspices of the English XX club. In general anyone wishing to shoot for the County of London in these matches should fullfil one of the following;

County of Birth
Residential Parliamentary Vote
Previous Residential Parliamentary Vote for more than ten years
This applies primarily for the King George V’s Challenge Cup, where the shooter must be a member of the English XX club. Membership of the English XX club is as follows;

Subjects of Her Majesty the Queen who are eligible to shoot for England under the rules in force for the National Challenge Trophy Match.
The District Superintendent for London is Nigel Cole-Hawkins


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