Full-Bore Rifle Shooting


Full-Bore Target Rifle Shooting is an outdoor sport, with competitions held at ranges from 300 to 1000 yards, at paper targets. Firing is done in the prone position with the aid of a sling to support the rifle.

Most Full-bore target rifles are 7.62mm Cal. (.308 WIN) and the rifles have single shot bolt actions. They have open aperture back sights, the use of telescopic aiming aids is not permitted. A telescope is permitted to spot the fall of shot.

The Targets vary in size at each range but the Bulls-eye has a diameter of 5.1″ at 300 yards and only 24″ at 1000 yards, about the size of a dustbin lid.

Competitions are held in all weathers, with the effects of the wind sometimes causing the bullets deflection by up to 20ft at 1000 yards.

Most matches have teams of 8, with two coaches to read the wind.


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